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What Makes the Grand Seiko Tentagraph Stand Out?

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The Grand Seiko is no stranger to watchmaking. Grand Seiko is known for its craftsmanship for making accurate movements on its watches, Many awards have been because of its high dedication to the watch industry. The Grand Seiko manufacturer is always making developments in its watchmaking expertise, Grand Seiko's born of the first mechanical Chronograph is proof of its seriousness in developing technology on its watches.

Grand Seiko's first chronograph from the Evolution 9 Collection was named "TENTAGRAPH". This word is use because it reveals its true character, where "TEN" is because the Caliber 9SC5 used in this timepiece is a 10-beat movement. "T" is further because the movement offers a three-day power reserve. The initial "A" is because the movement uses an automatic winding system and "GRAPH" means it is a chronograph that can measure the elapsed time up to 12 hours. That's not all, The Tentagraph worn on the SLGC001 has several other unique things that make this Tentagraph watch stand out to Grand Seiko lovers.

High beat precision and three-day power reserve

The automatic movement Calibre 9SC5 in the Tentagraph has a high beat rate is a stunning technological innovation in the Evolution 9 Style edition. The Caliber 9SC5 also has a 72-hour power reserve, making the Tentagraph the longest running 10-beat chronograph on the market today. The 36,000 vph movement consists of nearly 400 components and incorporates the Dual Impulse Escapement and Grand Seiko Free-sprung Balance inherited from the award-winning Calibre 9SA5. In addition, the precise operation and durability of the chronograph are guaranteed by the column wheel, vertical clutch mechanism and the use of 60 jewels. The Calibre 9SC5 is a direct result of the synergy of these two important assets, as its advanced functionality and outstanding craftsmanship provide strong evidence.

A chronograph with a precise design, the dial is designed for legibility.

Grand Seiko, Luxury watches, Women Watches, Jewelry Watches, Men Watches, Mechanical Watch, Grand Seiko Tentagraph, Grand Seiko Mechanical

The dial design of the Evolution 9 Style Collection characterizes this edition. The redesigned indexes and hands aim to create an experience where users can see the time with just one glance. Everything about the Tentagraph chronograph and time display has been carefully considered, from the placement of the hands relative to the indexes to the distance between the dial and the hands. A recessed sub-dial sits a level below the main time display, enhancing the depth and legibility of the Tentagraph dial. And by placing the date between four and five o'clock, the Grand Seiko designers ensured that the indexes remain at each traditional hour position while allowing maximum legibility for chronograph time and sub-dials.

Features high-integrity materials

The Tentagraph case and bracelet made of high-intensity titanium its 30 percent lighter and more scratch-resistant than stainless steel, and the bezel is made of scratch-resistant ceramic. The dial pattern depicts the splendor of Mount Iwate, its towering peak visible from Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi. The design of the Grand Seiko Tentagraph has the essence of Japanese beauty.

The Tentagraph being a prominent icon of Grand Seiko, every Grand Seiko watch presents an ever-changing aspect is a passionate of the detail. What do you think? What stands out the most about this Grand Seiko Tentagraph?


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