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Grand Seiko Spring Drive Movements: Hybrid Technology

Caliber 9F with Spring Drive technology is a remarkable innovation in the advancement of mechanical watches. Grand Seiko combines electronic and mechanical control technologies in their timepieces to provide a level of precision that cannot be matched. The development of the Spring Drive was certainly possible because Grand Seiko is one of the manufacturers with a mastery of both electronic and mechanical watchmaking.

The hallmark of Spring Drive is the smooth sliding motion of the second hand. This technology combines the high torque of a mechanical watch with the high-precision integrated circuit (IC) control system of an electronic watch. Spring Drive uses a proprietary speed control mechanism incorporating IC, electronic brakes, and a quartz crystal.

Tri-Synchro Regolator

Grand Seiko conducting the development of Spring Drive to regulate moving parts and establish synchronicity. Spring Drive uses a Tri-synchro regulator that controls it all:

• Mechanical Power to generate electricity from the non-rotating mainspring

• Electrical Power to transmit precise signals via a quartz crystal oscillator

• Electromagnetic Power to apply speed control brakes