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Official Distributor Of Reservoir Indonesia

FAIL OR PREVAIL BUT MAKE IT BOLD. A masterwork that goes beyond the limits, like the pilots beginning a journey that demands courage and high performance, at that time the pulse increasingly accelerating and adrenaline flowing. All legendary pilots inspire reservoir. The reservoir watch reflects the functionality and aesthetic of the counters manometer, measuring devices from the universe such as cars, aeronautics, and marine. Reservoir watches echoed the era in which this precision instrument was easy to read and act accurately, serving humanity. Unique French design for a single model of the radical time reading - Retrograde minutes, jumping clock, power reserve, and other complications.


The reservoir collection is a witness to the knowledge of making a unique watch by meeting the most stringent professional requirements. In Switzerland, at La Chaux-De-Fonds, the master of the telos watchmaker developed three complications, the heart of the RSV-240 caliber beach. All of their art is revealed in the accuracy of measurement, the accuracy of control, and the attention given at each stage of work, regardless of the mechanical complexity of the watch. The fact that the examination is very thorough, and that such attention is poured out on every small detail, means the reservoir is really proud to display the Swiss Made label, even in the logo.

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