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deLaCour is one of the luxury watches brands in Independent boutiques as our commitment to meet the desires of consumers in accessing and owning the original concepts in reading time of automatic watch. Find the latest deLaCour Indonesia watches collection here.

About deLaCour

deLaCour was established to offer alternative and exclusive creations to the world of luxury timepieces; complicated movements that have been delicately and individually handcrafted for those who have a passion for state-of-the-art masterpieces, and a collection of distinct models to suit from the jet-set to the most meticulous timepiece avant-garde collector.


deLaCour finds its inspiration in an uncharted future and defines it with exceptional limited edition timepiece collections as a result of an independent, self-assured vision, not in response to fleeting fashion trends. Thus, deLaCour’s award winning slogan, “Since Tomorrow” defines a notion of consistently forward-looking modernism, self-expression and refinement.


Since the very beginning, deLaCour has always participated and been very aware of various important charity associations, and wanted to help and be a part of their events all over the world.


Each and every deLaCour Collection is the result of an authentic and individual journey the brand takes on without preconceived notions or constraints.


deLaCour is available at Independent Boutique, Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta, Ground Floor 29

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