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Official Distirbutor Of DeLaCour Indonesia

deLaCour is a brand with an independent creative entity that does not follow in global branding and does mass production. The individually and carefully crafted exclusive collections give the brand complete freedom in all artistic perspectives, respecting the mastery that went into each model and ensuring each its quality and craftsmanship. deLaCour offers an extraordinary range of timepieces that maintain aesthetics that are unique and classic, easily recognizable, and truly unforgettable.


Cooperating with high-profile leaders in the world of horology and jewelry powerhouses, deLaCour's ancestors curated a collection with distinctively shaped cases for the brand. Embellished with precious stones that are individually selected and processed with intricate movements and mechanisms to maintain the exclusivity of each watch. This passion for the art of horology guides the community of skilled artisans and artisans who come together to create each timepiece. deLaCour feeds on its inspiration by pushing conventional boundaries to their limits, creating a distinctive mark for those seeking avant-garde designs that go above and beyond the ordinary.

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