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Into the stage of his journey, Bernard Richards the founder of B.R.M CHRONOGRAPHES boldly chose to create a luxury B.R.M. He met one of France's finest watchmakers, Jean-Paul Crabbe. Since then, these two men have been working on unique watches. Bernard Richards is passionate about the luxury automotive industry and is been the forerunner B.R.M has a sportier watch design to express the fundamental drive and racing spirit in its watch collection.

Several of his model house movements were self-made, based on existing Swiss movements. Like the Birotor, R50s, and Tourbillon, they all feature a mechanical movement made in the B.R.M factory to give it the appearance of a car engine. B.R.M also paid attention to other things such as the material on their watches.


The Art Of Watchmaking

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Isolastique® principle and casing ring

On the case side, B.R.M's patented Isolastique® principle, B.R.M Chronographes mount a flexible Movement on its carbon arm, kept under tension in the casing rings by a variable pitch spring which isolates the Movement from shocks and all other extraneous vibrations. Such as the concept of an engine in a car isolated from the chassis on a silent block. This protection complements the shock absorbers mounted on the trim pedestals

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Shock Absorber

The unique French-made technology fitted to the Golf collection features a floating movement mounted on three shock absorbers and three cylinders to ensure the full absorption of the shock absorbers. This watch allows you to move freely on the green field.

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Fortal HR®/AU4G

Fortal HR® is hard aluminum which allows a certain amount of light machining while maintaining a certain amount of durability. This water-resistant material will not change color over time.

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Used in typical B.R.M watch cases that are lightweight and unbreakable, Makrolon® was originally used for the manufacture of racing car windscreens and fighter cockpit canopies. The structure of this easily curved material is a challenge in itself to work on. After years of trial and error, B.R.M has achieved tolerances down to the hundredth of a millimeter and can now use Makrolon® to manufacture high-precision parts.

Customize Your Unique Watch.

It's not only the materials and movements that are unique B.R.M. you can create your own custom watch. Just like a car, changing some accessories to make it look more beautiful and unique, B.R.M watches can also be customized according to the color and model you want. A brilliant move by B.R.M. to develop a sporty watch.

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