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Three diamond-set stainless steel automatics that meld elegance and practicality.

At the annual Watches & Wonders Geneva, Grand Seiko expanded its assortment of ladies’ mechanical watches with the addition of three new stainless steel watches featuring silky dial patterns in different colors and the added sparkle of diamonds. Each of their products has the distinctive look and elegant tradition of Grand Seiko.

STGK019 features a silky pink dial that calls to mind the beautiful color of cherry blossoms, Surrounded by 45 diamonds on each side of the bezel

STGK021 has a pearl-white dial with a 45-diamond-set bezel, depicting feminine luxury on every side.

STGK023 has a dial in a color referred to as “Mizu-Hanada,” a kind of indigo blue that has been lightened by dilution with water. With the unique placement of diamonds on the timekeeping dial, 11 diamonds surround each side of the dial.

Inside each watch is the Grand Seiko automatic mechanical Caliber 9S27, a movement that walks a fine line between thinness and performance, offering 50 hours of power reserve while delivering a mean daily rate of +8 to -3 seconds per day.

With the luxury of diamonds and the utility of a steel case and bracelet with a three-fold clasp, these three automatic watches are perfect for women in search of both practicality and elegance – of watches that are, and feel, special and yet are made to be worn often if not daily. The price of these three watches, The STGK023 $5,700, STGK021 $9,000, and STGK019 $9,500.


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