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Independent Boutique Grand Opening

Alas, EBI held its grand opening on the 15th August 2018, nearing the independence day of Indonesia. We celebrate independent watchmakers here at INDEPENDENT boutique, as it coincides with the independence of our beloved country.

Being an independent watch brand these days is no easy- task. Our current 6 brands (deLaCour, Hautlence, Moser & Cie, BRM, Reservoir and Dietrich) have proved their excellency and maintained their independence whether it's through their mechanism, design, or bold marketing strategy. We are proud to call them family.

Many familiar friends and new faces supported us during the grand opening. For many of them, it was their first time stepping into INDEPENDENT boutique where the atmosphere and inspiration of the design is of a Swiss- Chalet- the home and heart of watch making. Our boutique strives to serve customers like they were in their own home, and the spacing allows all our brands to stand out in their own character and shine.

The event was everything we could hope for and beyond. Everyone that came didn't go unnoticed and we deeply appreciate the continuous support.

Cheers for more to come.

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