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6 Special Features of Moser Watches : Timeless Innovation

The Swiss watches are quite popular among watch lovers who always provide the best innovation in each of their watches. The design and some features that make us amazed by the innovation. Every year, Moser Watches presents watches with the development of their innovations; they wouldn't be surprised if Moser Watches had the slogan "Very Rare" because of their greatness in innovating a watch.

The features of modern watches are not only in the design but also in technology development. Moser watches also involve technology in their watches, but still with the concept of a watch that has hands. That is the reason why many people love modern watches. Here are 6 Special Features of Moser Watches:

1. Genesis unique QR code

By the end of 2022, Moser will release a very eccentric watch with remarkable innovations. Blending technology with the beauty of contemporary design, the Moser Endeavor Genesis seeks to provide a luxurious experience to its lovers. Through a holistic ecosystem, including blockchain watch authentication, digital assets, and a dedicated metaverse space, H. Moser & Cie. offers a whole new definition of service. Each Genesis watch has a unique code, such as a VVIP Pass, to enter the exceptional metaverse space service. When the QR code is scanned, it leads to the particular metaverse space where we can see information such as the watch owner's personal data, community space, information about the watch, watch insurance card, and several other features are displayed.

2. Flyback Chronograph

The Moser Streamliner Flyback Chronograph has unique and simple features. They feature an elegant design and have a unique feature commonly used by pilots who require split-second accuracy for precise navigation. Flyback Chronographs are generally a watch feature embedded in the movement and function to count the time elapsed or a 'stopwatch.' Flyback chronographs are designed to reset the chronograph secondhand back to its original position (12).

3. Perpetual Calendar

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The Moser Streamliner Perpetual Calendar is the only collection with this feature; the perpetual calendar has the primary function of showing the time and calendar information at a glance. It can show the date and month without changing the time on the watch. The Moser Streamliner Perpetual Calendar is powered by the HMC 812, which has a Power Reserve of 168 Hours, a more modern and award-winning movement with a differential gear mechanism consisting of a separate set of wheels, gears, levers, and discs for each feature.

4. Minute Repeater

Moser watches, rare watches, luxury watches, Moser genesis, streamliner, moser features

It is a complex watch concept that combines two of the most complicated complications in watchmaking: the minute repeater and the tourbillon. Despite its high level of complexity, Moser watches managed to launch it powered by the manual-winding HMC 904 caliber movement. The minute repeater feature is a feature that marks a specific time using sound, and you can set it to your liking. For example, every 30 minutes that pass, the watch will make a sound.

5. Tourbillon

Tourbillon is a technology in the world of horology that maintains the accuracy of mechanical watches against the influence of the earth's gravity. Mainly in this collection, the Tourbillon movement is shown to add to the aesthetics of the watch design. The automatic Tourbillon movement has the concept to counter the effect of gravity in two ways: The Tourbillon flies for one minute with a patented double hairspring, where the two hairsprings are identical to compensate for positional errors.

6. Dual Time

Moser watches, rare watches, luxury watches, Moser genesis, streamliner, moser features

The Dual Time feature is very convenient for users who love to travel; the Dual Time concept of displaying two independent time indications allows for optimal convenience when traveling. The gray hands indicate dual time zones and can be hidden behind the central hands when not in use. Due to a module developed by Moser, the Dual Time feature is powered by the HMC 809 self-winding, where an oscillating weight transfers energy to the barrel through a two-way pawl winding system that reduces the time needed to wind the watch fully.

These are some of the special features of Moser watches, but there is still something beautiful about each watch. We are an authorized retailer of H. Moser & Cie; contact us for more information about Moser watches.


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