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SIHH 2018: Hautlence presents Vortex Gamma Tron, Vortex Gamma Magma, and Invictus Neon

For SIHH 2018 Hautlence presents Vortex Gamma Tron, Vortex Gamma Magma, and Invictus Neon.

Vortex Gamma Tron

Hautlence pays tribute to the iconic style of Tron, a film which went on to achieve cult status, featuring characters with luminescent outlines representing circuitry created by Steven Lisberger.

Highly stylised graphic universe, which employs a range of visual effects, inspired the lines of the Vortex Gamma Tron case, composed of six 3D sapphire crystals.

Playing with the contrasts of colours — white for the case and blue for its edges — and light, with the outlines of its edges glowing in the dark.

The Vortex Gamma Tron undergoes a metamorphosis when the light fades, including the brand's Möbius symbol which also glows at the centre of the dial, turning on itself with each new hour.

For the Vortex Gamma Tron strap, Hautlence has opted for a high-tech loose-knit fabric, in white with blue topstitching to match the colour codes of this model. As HLLightColor can be used to create custom- made pieces, these colours can be chosen by HAUTLENCE's customers to suit their own taste.

Vortex Gamma Magma

The powerful and bold Vortex Gamma Magma. This timepiece drew inspiration from the TRON style, hence the shapes representing integrated circuits, stark lines and bold colours. Vortex Gamma is driven by the HL2.0 self-winding calibre, which can be seen through the almost entirely transparent sapphire dial.

The unifying orange colour pops up on several parts of the display, such as the hours, displayed on a chain which turns every 60 minutes. The calibre HL2.0 is equipped with two barrels which ensures that the complex mechanisms are supplied independently, without compromising the accuracy of the watch.

Invictus Neon

The new chronograph is a sleek and sporty model with a powerful design. Hautlence, renowned for its bold and artistic approach. This timepiece played with daring colourways, which also features the HONEYCOMB pattern and is paired with a coloured bezel. The INVICTUS NEON is available in orange, yellow and green.

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