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Porsche Club Indonesia for the handover BRM Watch PCI edition

BRM had the honor of being Porsche Club Indonesia’s choice of watch. And after patiently waiting, we are excited to finally handover the PCI x BRM watches at FF Luxury Watch on the 20th May morning 2017.

Mr. Ali Haliman as the President of the club had his welcome speech. This is not the first time for BRM to join the Porsche club event, but this time is aspecial one celebrating the collaboration of both, Porsche Club Indonesia and Ebiwatch in which a special designed BRM watches made for all PCI member in Indonesia.

BRM officially handed over the special edition watch to the PCI members and it was such a successful morning event.

Mr. Hendra Theado, on behalf of Ebiwatch gave a short speech dedicating special thanks to PCI for the trust, honor and collaboration.

Ebiwatch, PCI member and FF Luxury team.

BRM wrists

Perfect combination of BRM - PCI special watches with the Porsche car keys

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