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At the beginning of year 2019, HAUTLENCE will unveil a new grand complication movement. To herald this forthcoming calibre, HAUTLENCE has created the HL Kinetic table clock, which reveals part of this new mechanism. The HL Kinetic displays the hours and minutes via openworked spheres which move inside two transparent columns. The Neuchâtel brand has thus added a fifth dimension to its collection: 'Objets d’exception' joins the 'Atelier', 'Concept d’exception', 'Signature' and 'Playground' categories.

Two independent transparent columns sit on the table. Each one contains a black rotating sphere featuring skeletonised hour and minute numerals. Rotating around a central axis, the spheres appear to move randomly. In reality, however, they follow a highly precise pattern. Thanks to a three-dimensional differential with four bevel gears, the spheres rotate around two intertwined axes in a hypnotic dance. This fully mechanical system is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that provides a power reserve of one and a half months. The spheres execute one complete increment when the hour changes. Their dance can also be activated for approximately ten minutes using a demo button.

Setting the time on the columns is beautifully intuitive. The two objects can be arranged as desired – either close together or further apart – with each one functioning independently. HAUTLENCE's signature, the Moebius symbol, sits proudly atop each glass tube on a piece that represents the new dimension adopted by the brand: Objets d’exception.

The HL Kinetic table clock is a precursor designed to herald HAUTLENCE's new complication movement, which will be launched in 2019. This hand-wound movement will use a sphere to display the hours. All will be revealed in 2019.

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