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Hautlence Whiskey tasting, presenting Baselworld Novelties 2017

On the 18th of May we held a special whiskey tasting night for VIP clients, or shall we say the gentleman's rebel club to present the new novelties of Baselworld. The event was held in Dirty Laundry, a hidden gem in SCBD. And the night's special host was the CEO and co founder himself, Sandro Reginelli.

Special cocktails were created to represent the start watches of Hautlence; the cocktail names were: Moebius, Pinball, HL and Vortex. Of course these cocktails had a touch of whiskey.

Not long as the drinks kept pouring, we presented the star of the night, the novelty watches: Moebius- a beautiful new creation with a double axis tourbillon, Pinball- the second of the Playground series which uses the mechanism of minute repeater, and Vortex Gamma- a new Vortex with material 4x lighter but as strong as titanium, possibly done in any color on the spectrum.

The night was a big success.

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