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deLaCour Indonesia limited edition Bronzo II : Press Lunch & Unveil

On February 28th 2017, deLaCour held a press lunch with selected media to introduce Bronzo II at The Pallas SCBD Jakarta.

It began with a short speech by our Managing Director, Ms. Kartika Winata, explaining the inspirations behind this watch. This special limited edition time piece uses the iconic shape of deLaCour City collection, and the popularity of the bronze material which speaks about character and has its own personality.Bronze material will develop differently to different people, the color and patina adjusts according to oxidation, weather and the pH of each person. Thus making it, over time, personally yours. The power reserve patriotically represents Indonesia’s red- white (merah- putih) flag and so is the black crocodile strap with red and white stitching.

Ms. Kartika Winata together with Daniel Mananta as the honored guest, unveiled this Bronzo II at deLaCour Boutique, Fairgrounds SCBD.

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