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deLaCour x The Masterpiece

deLaCour is delighted to be the Official Timepiece of “The Masterpiece”. The masterpiece is an annual event for high end’s loyal readers and Indonesia’s high end communities: socialites, entrepreneurs, designers and public figures. This year features Indonesia’s top designers in collaboration with Star Wars: The Force Awakens as inspiration.

The fashion show will play on the “light vs dark” side of the Star Wars theme. This duality similarly, is the very core of deLaCour’s philosophy. “Since Tomorrow”: this juxtaposition of the past set against the future, the ability to combine two opposing ideas within one concept- this is the essence of deLaCour. This duality allows us to challenge conventions and create audacious avant- garde designs that rise above fashion trends to become timeless classics.

An individual comes to deLaCour to create a timepiece that is an extension of them, not just a badge of their wealth, status or importance. These individuals are confident and resilient, prepared to take the path less travelled in search of greater rewards. Charismatic and sophisticated, they have unconventional tastes that become the trends others follow.

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