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Hautlence x Namaaz Dining

Namaaz restaurant was meticulously chosen for this event because of the many similarities it has with the brand. In light of this event, two of the dishes are created especially for and inspired by Hautlence.

Parallel to the concept of Hautlence, molecular gastronomy explores new innovative ways of cooking that takes advantage of many technical advances from the scientific disciplines. It explores the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking. This cooking is recognized to have 3 components which are social, artistic and technical.

These 3 components strongly resemble the characteristic of Hautlence watches. Every watch is designed artistically with a story to tell coupled with a high technical level of watch mastery. Similarly, Hautlence offers an innovative and “rebellious” way to tell time. Inspired by post-modern architecture and deconstructivism to revolutionize and change how we see time in a non-traditional method. Today we proudly present Hautlence’s latest creation - Vortex.

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